One of the more recent holiday movie classics is the Will Ferrell's brilliant, 'ELF.'  While you may have seen this movie a hundred times, there are a bunch of little known facts about everyone's favorite elf.  I thought we should bring a few of these out from under the wrapping paper.

>>  The lead role was originally offered to Jim Carrey.  Rumor has it, that Jim thought it would be too much like 'The Grinch,' the successful big budget movie he starred in years before 'ELF.'

>>  Jon Favreau, "Ralphie" in 'A Christmas Story,' appeared in the film as an elf.

>>  Will Ferrell's reaction to the jack in the boxes were genuine.  I know I still "jump" at these darn things.

>>  Will Ferrell suffered from headaches and lack of sleep from eating too much sugar.  You mean, Mom was right all these years?

>>  Will Ferrell turned down a huge chunk of money to do 'ELF 2.'

So when you sit down with the family and watch this holiday classic, you have a few facts to brag about to impress your friends and family.