I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am that Lady Antebellum is performing at the Taste of Country Music Festival.  If you missed it, this enormous outdoor country music festival is happening June 13th through the 15th at Hunter Mountain, which is about two hours from Binghamton.

Not only is Lady Antebellum performing, but they'll be joined by Willie Nelson & Family,  Trace Adkins, Billy Currington, Hunter Hayes, Montgomery Gentry, Justin Moore, Blackberry Smoke, Joe Nichols, Gloriana, Dustin Lynch, and more! Can you believe this?  This is not only the FIRST, but the ONLY three day outdoor country music festival in the North East.

I was so excited about the Taste of Country Music Festival that as soon as we announced the concert, I called all my friends and my family and told them they had to get tickets because they would kick themselves if they missed out on such an awesome concert. Think about it- where else can you enjoy the music of so many of your favorite country acts in one place?

The act I'm most looking forward to is Lady Antebellum.  I remember the first time I heard them perform on an awards show and I turned to my friend and told him they were going to be huge (they'd just come out) and I was right.  Lady A has taken the music world by storm picking up SEVEN, count them, SEVEN Grammy awards since coming on the music scene in 2007. The band actually formed in 2006, but it wasn't until 2007 when they made their debut as guest vocalists on Jim Brickman's song called "Never Alone."  Right after that they signed to Capitol records and released "Love Don't Live Here," which peaked at number 3 on the Hot Country Songs chart in May of 2008.  That song went on to be Lady A's first single on their self titled album.

Do you remember a song that came out a few years ago called "Amazing" by Josh Kelley?  He had huge success with the song and went on to marry actress Katherine Heigl (you know, from Grey's Anatomy).  Music flows through the veins of the Kelley family because Charles Kelley of Lady Antebellum is Josh's brother! Dave Haywood, who is also a member of Lady Antebellum has been friends with Charles Kelley since middle school.

Hilary Scott of Lady A is the daughter of Linda Davis, who herself is a country star having recorded more than 15 country music albums.  You might remember that Hilary announced at the very end of last year that she's expecting her first child this year, so it's even more exciting that Lady Antebellum is performing at the Taste of Country Music Festival because rumor has it, this will be one of their only, if not their only concerts this summer because of Hilary's pregnancy. Oh- and did you know Hilary Scott tried out for and was rejected by American Idol.  True story.

If you want to learn more about Lady Antebellum or how to get tickets to the Taste of Country Music Festival, definitely check out THIS site.

Hope to see you at the Taste of Country Music Festival!