Ithaca, New York is a beautiful place.  I recall many visits to this favorite small towns known to be "gorges" for all it's natural beauty and many breathtaking gorges.  When I was in my first year of college, I lived only 20 minutes from Ithaca and would often visit the many parks and falls.

Not only a favorite for many Southern Tier residents but it seems that Ithaca is close to receiving more recognition, thanks to Outside Magazine.  Ithaca has made it to the final four by readers of the magazine in their Best Town contest and the only town in New York State on the list.

While Ithaca is gorges, the other towns on the list are pretty gorgeous in their own right.  Also in the top four:  Provo, UT, Duluth, MN, and Asheville, NC.

Top four is pretty amazing from 64 towns that were on the original list and congratulations to our many listeners and neighbors in Tompkins County.

Feel free to vote for Ithaca or your favorite on Outside Magazine's website.