I’m totally kicking myself for not buying two pair of jeans from Lands End at Sears when they were on sale a couple years ago because they don’t sell the style that I bought anymore and my pants aren't wearable.  And they made me look so skinny too….

Finding the perfect pair of jeans is almost impossible (especially if you’re really short like I am) and there’s nothing more frustrating than finding the perfect pair of jeans and then them falling apart.

I can’t promise these two tricks will keep your favorite pair of jeans from falling apart completely, but they will help extend the life:

  1. Taking your jeans to a professional tailor is the best way to deal with rips, tears, holes, and ragged hems. Not only will the tailor repair them for you, they're usually able to spot additional weakness points and reinforce them. It’s worth the cost and I wish I’d done this when my favorite jeans started to wear out.  Instead I tried to patch them up myself, but that only made the problem worse.
  2. Can you prevent washed out color? Not forever. But you can make your jeans last longer by washing them inside out.  If/when your jeans do start to fade, don't toss them! The more they fade, the more life they take on.