When I think of my early days living on my own scraping by to make ends meet I think of the three meals I had on a regular basis: ramen noodles, mac and cheese and, if I could put together enough money, Hot Pockets.

I don’t care what Hot Pockets does to revamp their image, when I think of their product, I will forever think of college days and my early 20’s and struggling to make it on my own.

Apparently college kids and people in their 20’s aren’t enough for the company that makes Hot Pockets because they’re trying to overhaul their image- from a late-night frat snack to wholesome, tasty convenience food.

New Hot Pockets ads feature a more serious tone, and emphasize improved ingredients like white meat chicken, 100% Angus beef and flavored crusts.  But while revamped Hot Pockets are slightly lower in calories, fat and cholesterol, they’re still not exactly part of a healthy, balanced diet.