How romantic!  In a day and age when people question if real love still exists, this story proves that it sure does.

A man in Dallas man proposed to his girlfriend and married her on the same day, after secretly planning her dream wedding with the help of her Pinterest page.

Smiling yet?  Well, it gets even better. Ryan Leak overheard his girlfriend Amanda telling a friend that her dream was to get engaged and married all at once. So Ryan spent a year setting the whole thing up, using her wedding inspiration pins as guidance.

Amanda repinned more than 220 images on a page she called ‘My Dream Wedding’.

Ryan flew their closest friends and family to Miami so they could be there as he asked her to marry him on June 7th– five years to the day after they first met. After Amanda said yes, Ryan unveiled the surprise wedding which included Amanda’s dream wedding dress and her favorite make-up and hair stylist.

Simply unbelievable.  I hope Amanda holds onto Ryan because he’s a keeper. Grab a box of tissues and then check out how it all went down: