Almost 26 years ago something really awesome happened.  After the birth of two little brothers, my sister Beth finally came into the world.  I couldn't have been more ecstatic- my very own living baby doll.

After the novelty of having a baby sister wore off, the years growing up seemed to crawl, especially since I was eight years older than my sister and had to share a bedroom with her.

Now that we're adults and close friends, I'm amazed at how quickly the years are fading away. And now that little baby girl that I dressed up in costumes and who's face I painted with makeup and who I tortured relentlessly is a grown woman expecting her second baby this fall.

This weekend we're throwing a baby shower for my sister as she gets ready to welcome my second niece into the world and I'm struggling with gift ideas. Gift ideas for a first baby are easy because most parents don't have anything, but by the time the second baby comes around, they've usually got a grip on things and usually have stuff from their first baby camped out in the attic or basement. So, I turned to you this morning for help on suggestions of what I could get my sister and I'll tell you what- you came through in a BIG way with so many amazing ideas.  Here are some of those ideas:

  • A basket filled with baby meds- you know- all the stuff parents never think about until their baby is sick in the middle of the night and there isn't an open pharmacy.
  • A gift certificate good for a babysitting session with aunt Traci so Mom can go to the spa and enjoy a day of pampering.
  • Homemade freezable meals for the first week the new baby is home, complete with paper products so nobody has to cook or clean.
  • A big sister shirt for Kayleigh and a little sister shirt for the new baby.
  • A wicker basket and filled with random items like lotion, shampoo, wipes, spoons, washcloths, diapers etc.
  • A basket filled with books. (Tell me this wouldn't be a PERFECT gift for this book loving aunt to give!)
  • A bag filled with replacement burp cloths and bibs.

So what did I decide on?  Guess you'll have to listen on Wednesday September 4th when I get back from my long Labor Day weekend to find out!