A little word of advice to guys: we ladies never want an unsolicited naked picture of you.  Ever.  And if you send one, be warned that the woman you sent it to might forward it to your mom.  And that just would really not be cool. For you.  

A woman was sent a picture of man parts by a guy she didn’t know while she was chatting on a dating app.  Here’s how it went down- the creeper started out acting normal enough asking her how her day was going but then out of the blue up popped his naked selfie and the woman’s day suddenly took a turn for the worse.


When the woman told the guy she didn’t want to see that, the guy called her a prude.  So what did she do?  She took sweet revenge by finding his Mom’s info on Facebook and let mom know just what her son was up to, including sending her the nude photo.


That’ll teach him not to be so cocky!

Source: Daily Dot