If you missed it this morning, Glenn and I were talking about grown men and teddy bears. Glenn says it’s not creepy for a grown man to cuddle with a stuffed animal.  I say it is. 

Granted, there are exceptions to every rule. I understand if, for instance, a man's wife has to go out of town and she sprays a teddy bear with her perfume for him to hold to think of her.  Or if I man has a teddy bear that was gifted to him by someone he loved who's passed and he's struggling with their loss. But for the most part, a grown man who sleeps with a teddy bear and holds it as a child would screams "he's got emotional issues" to me. If there are three of us in bed and one of us is a teddy bear that the man has his arms around, there's something wrong.

However if I had to pick the creeper of these two, I’d pick this. I completely get where this guy is coming from with his mission and I think what he does is really a great form of therapy, but I come from a family of cuddlers and personally, the thought of curling up for some bonding time with a stranger eeks me out.

A 26-year-old man dancer-turned-entrepreneur is making $75 an hour just cuddling with strangers. Travis Sigley is the guy’s name and his “cuddle therapy” sessions supposedly teach people to be more comfortable with touching others in non-sexual ways.

Travis says a lot of people are really disconnected from each other, and socially or personally awkward. So he connects with them by cuddling – and making a few bucks doing some pretty easy work.

Yes, Travis is easy on the eyes, but still- there’s no way I’d cuddle with a stranger.  Not unless I was lost in the woods in the middle of a snowstorm and my life depended on it. But if you're in need of some good cuddle time, I guess you know where to turn now.