The Fourth of July is Tuesday and whether you've been invited to a BBQ or are hosting one of your own, you'll want to show off your spirit by making a true American dessert, right? Well, what's more American than a red, white and blue cake stuffed with three kinds of pie? Um, nothing!

I have to admit that while I'll probably never have the patience to actually make this, I'm a bit intrigued by the concoction that Chef Charles Phoenix has created. It's a Fourth of July version of the "Cherpumple" (which is a concoction of different flavors of pies stuffed inside different layers of cakes).

This bad boy is made up of cherry pie, blueberry pie, apple pie, 3 boxes of cake mix, and 6 cans of cream cheese frosting topped with Pop Rocks and American flags. They had me at "Pop Rocks." Man, I love those things!

[via Charles Phoenix]