I love the change of the season but c'mon, we are still in fall and the meteorologists are talking snow for Thursday (October 27).  To quote my favorite TV show last night, 'The Middle,' "it's still fall and autumn hasn't even hit yet."  Usually our first snow fall is on Halloween but then again, that is just days away.

Not to get upset about the snow because I really hope we get enough snow so I can use my cross country skis this year or maybe even hit Elk Mountain or Greek Peak.  They are very deserving of a good snow season. And how about all my listeners that depend on snow plowing to make a living through the winter?

I love snow, but I'm just not ready for it.  I haven't even put away my bathing suits and tank tops yet.  I guess I should do that soon.

Like it or not, the snow is coming and possibly overnight.  Here's what Howard Manges, Chief Meteorologist at WBNG-TV has to say about the first snowfall of the season:

  • Light snow arrives west to east after 3am.
  • Snow mixes with sleet or freezing rain then to rain mid-morning through midday for most areas.
  • Wintry mix or snow could last a bit longer in the Catskills. Icy spots possible.
  • Rain could be steady at times Thursday.
  • Snow accumulations possible: Tr-1” near/west of I81, 1-3” east.
  • Rain accumulations possible: 0.33-0.75”; isolated 1”.
  • Friday through Sunday remains unsettled.
  • ‘Mild-up’ coming Tuesday & Wednesday – run at 60?

Light snow will move east through the morning Thursday. However, as the atmosphere warms, the snow will change to a mix of sleet, freezing rain and rain before warming enough to support only rain for most of the area by around midday. Snowfall accumulations near/west of I81 should be around a trace-1” with perhaps a few isolated spots higher than that. The snow or wintry mix could persist a bit longer toward the Catskills where slightly higher accumulations of snow are possible in this area. I think 1-3” should be sufficient at this time. Something VERY important to note: accumulations of snow everywhere will be HIGHLY sensitive to the time at which the mixing begins. If the warm air slows down, and the atmosphere stays colder, slightly higher snowfall, sleet or freezing rain accumulations would result. The opposite is true if the warm air arrives faster. This would drastically, or completely, reduce, or eliminate sleet, freezing rain or snowfall accumulations. Rainfall accumulations could range from 0.33-0.75” with a few spots possible reaching 1”. Highs will be in the upper 30s to low 40s. Please monitor the forecast.