OK, so I have been toying with the idea of getting LASIK to correct my astigmatism and have been hearing weird things about my glasses and hat. Tim Hieman, The voice of The Binghamton Mets on our sister station News Radio 1290 said he liked the contrast the New thick black 'Drew Carey' style frames gave to the cowboy hat. Many others have said it just looks awkward I believe the same thing. Now... I have to be able to see, and I want to wear the cowboy hat more often. Contacts just plain out bother my eyes. I've tried all kinds of brands and sizes and I have found some are more comfortable than others. The fact remains that contacts are good for about ten hours. My last visit with Dr. Yegi was interesting when she found out that I wear the contacts that long, and when I told her I used my last pair of disposables for about a year... SHE WAS NOT HAPPY! Ha ha. So, to make this simple. Before I call Dr. Yegi for a LASIK consultation I'm asking you this. Take a look at the above picture and comment on the facebook link below.

Glasses, or no glasses? Your comments will weigh in on my final decision!