I finally broke down and got cable yesterday and last night I was telling a friend that after 6 months of only watching what I could pick up on rabbit ears, I felt completely and totally overwhelmed with all the channel choices on my TV.

Vacation is a great time to unplug and there's one retreat taking that concept literally.

Camp Grounded is a four day summer camp for adults that has a digital detox component- meaning no emails or cell phones and no talking about work.

The camp is in a rural area outside San Francisco and is modeled after the Boy Scout camps of the 1970s, with open-faced cabins, a dining hall and activities like arts and crafts, archery and yoga.  Guests are encouraged to “reconnect with themselves” and to better understand their often unhealthy relationship with technology.

While this is a summer camp for “big kids,” I know what you're thinking, and no, there are no drugs or alcohol allowed.  Hopefully spending a few days away from your iPhone and cable box is relaxing enough.

Source: Mashable