I remember my Mom planting these little potato things called tubers every year about this time of the year.  The first year I would laugh as she would tell me how each tuber would produce this 3-7 foot plant in a dazzling array of colors.  They are called Dahlias, a flower native to Mexico and first discovered in the year 1525.

If you like lots of color, Dahlias have to be the most amazing flower for cutting and although they will sit in the ground most of the Summer, the wait is well worth it, come August and September.

According to Wikipedia, there are are least 30 species of the Dahlia, although some report up to 85 and 20,000 cultivars.  They come in every color imaginable and have been the subject of many paintings, books and even motion pictures.  For many the Dahlia is a perennial.  For those of us in New York State and zone 5, they should be dug up after the first frost.  Again, well worth it, as each tuber can produce more than 20 babies for planting the following year. Talk about a money saving plant!

They are easy to grow here in the Greater Binghamton area and should be planted now.  I was looking on the Farm and Garden Section of Binghamton Craigs List the other day and found a bunch available.  Tips on how to grow can be found on various web sites too.

I call it my Mom's flower, other people call it purely beautiful.  Share your Dahlia thoughts and experiences with me if you like.