Imagine you’re new at your job and your coworkers are taking up a collection for Powerball tickets. You opt out. And then they win $1 million.

That’s exactly what happened to Jennifer Maldonado of Keller Williams Partner Realty in Florida. But thanks to her generous coworkers, she’ll still get to take home a cut of the prize.

Jennifer had only been working as an administrative assistant for the company for two weeks and hadn’t even received her first paycheck yet when her co-workers asked her to contribute $20 for Powerball tickets. She said no because she was watching her pennies.

After her 12 coworkers discovered they won part of the Powerball on Sunday, they all decided to kick in a bit of their winnings to give her.

Do stories like this give you hope in humanity?  Do you think your co-workers would share their jackpot with you if they won, but you didn’t contribute?