I  needed an escape from life for a day so after visiting with my parents in Albany on Saturday afternoon, I drove into Vermont to a tiny little town called Weston.

I was minding my business, shopping and stocking up on goodies I can’t find anyplace else when I spotted a guy checking out the cheeses at the cheese counter. I knew that I’d seen him somewhere, but couldn’t remember where. You know how sometimes you see a person and you know you know them, but can’t remember how and then become obsessed with discovering their identity? Yeah, that was me. And then it hit me- I realized I knew the man from seeing him on TV.

The man I shopped alongside at the cheese counter was none other than actor Treat Williams who currently plays Benny, the father of Lt. Kelly Severide on the show Chicago Fire.

For one small second I thought of whipping out my phone to snap a picture, but as my hand was reaching for my pocket, I thought better of it. Treat lives with his family in Vermont and was just out grabbing some cheese. I thought the man deserved to be left in peace as he picked up his groceries.

Celebrities are just like you and me- normal people who do normal daily things. The only difference is that they have extraordinary jobs.

The rest of my visit to Vermont was less eventful. I traveled with no end destination in mind and it was glorious. No agenda and no obligations. Just me, the road and the mountains I love so much. It was just what I needed.