Most everyone thinks that being a celeb is all glitz and glamor, but a lot of celebs are more like you and me than you might think. Some hit rough patches in life and had to pick themselves up and dust off and keep working toward their goal.

During a recent interview, Jennifer Lopez admitted that she was homeless for a while before hitting it big. And she wasn’t alone. Here are some other celebrities who lived in their cars or on the streets before becoming famous:

Jim Carrey- when Jim was a kid, his family fell on tough times and they lived in a tent and in their VW bus in his older sister’s front yard.

Halle Berry- when Halle was 21 she moved to Chicago and the next thing she knew, she was homeless. Halle says it was when that happened that she “became a person who knows that I will always make my own way."

Jewel- Jewel once worked for a boss who propositioned her for sex and when she refused, the guy held her paycheck and that led to her living in her car for a year.

Drew Carey- as a teenager, Drew was homeless in Las Vegas and says "I wouldn't have had this success if I didn't struggle."

Suze Orman- today, Suze is a financial advisor, but before she became rich and famous, she lived out of her van.

Tyler Perry- before Tyler’s career took off, he lived in his car on and off from 1992 to 1998.

Heather Mills- Paul McCartney’s ex dealt with some serious family issues and by the time she was 14, Heather was living in a cardboard box at the London Waterloo railway station.

David Letterman-funnyman David spent some time living in his truck before he became a big time comic.

Lil Kim- rapper Lil Kim was kicked out of her house and it was when she was a homeless team that she met Biggie Smalls, who became her mentor and lover.

Kelsey Grammer- before fame found Kelsey, he spent time sleeping in alleys with his motorcycle.

Kelly Clarkson- a fire at Kelly’s apartment led to her sleeping in her car and at shelters before she became a megastar through American Idol.

Source: CNN