It turns out that interest in the Cal Harris trail goes beyond Owego and the Southern Tier.  According to, Monday's "48 HOURS" was the #1 broadcast at 10:00pm with viewers, averaging 5.68 million viewers.

The "48 HOURS" report focused on Cal Harris' side of the story, one that the news/investigation series has been covering for seven years now.  Now facing his third trial, Harris gave his first ever interview to CBS and the "48 HOURS" team.

Harris’ estranged wife Michele disappeared without a trace on the night of Sept. 11, 2001. She has never been found, nor have police found a murder weapon. According to the press release, the Owego businessman "was twice convicted of murdering his wife and in both cases his convictions were overturned on appeal."

Harris faces his third trail late Summer to early Fall.

Did you watch the "48 HOURS" show?  Did it change your mind at all?  Let us know your thoughts.