Binghamton is known for many things.  Great parks, a lively art scene, good music, great restaurants and the largest potholes in the universe.  Well, I may be exaggerating that a bit but according to your Facebook responses, we have many pot holes that will need attention sooner than later.

When I was visiting friends out in Salt Lake City a few years back, and noticed that 90% of their roads were cement based, with no potholes to speak of.  In a typical Winter, Utah gets more snow than us but they don't have to ever pave their roads with blacktop.  Why can't we do that here?  I know blacktop is much cheaper but not when you have to repave every few years, doesn't it make sense to look into investing to save money in the long run?

Thanks to you and the close to 3,5000 people who viewed my post, here are the biggest driving challenges in the area, but I have a feeling there are many more out there:

Listeners note to stay away from Prospect Street, Binghamton, from Front Street to Airport Road.  This was the #1 complaint and the top place for huge pothole sightings.  Prospect Street has been ignored for many years.

More Binghamton hotspots:  Riverside Drive, Grand Boulevard, Front Street, Henry Street  (where the lights are set to the year 1964!), LeRoy Street from Beethoven to Front Street, State Street by K-Mart, Thompkins Street by the railroad tracks or underpass.  As a couple people pointed out, the entire city of Binghamton.

Vestal:  Ash Road near Town Square Mall by Lowes

Town of Union:  Airport Road (South, toward Binghamton).  It's like riding on a railroad track.

Whitney Point:  Park Street

I-88 from Chenango Bridge to Port Crane

Deposit:  Wheeler Street

Sidney:  Route 8 near Hess

OK, what did I leave out?  Let me know.