It's been said that when you buy your new or used vehicle for a car lot, the dealer makes very little.  It's when they service your vehicle is when they make the money.

A recent poll on bundle found that the average American spends $5,477.00 on gasoline and auto expenses.  That's more than food.

Finding a good garage for repairs can be a challenge.  When was the last time you or someone you know took your car in for something minor and the mechanic tells you there are more things wrong with your vehicle?  Trust is hard to find.

A good friend of mine took his vehicle in for a wheel alignment to find they could not perform the task and ended up charging him anyway.  He took the same car down the road and had it done 15% cheaper and it was done correctly.  I was happy to help him get a refund.

I am wondering where those trusting garages may be in the Greater Binghamton area.  Share this post with your friends and family and let me know who you trust for being fair.