Matthew Peyton/ Getty Images Entertainment

It's been a long time since Sesame Street's Big Bird has made so many headlines.  After the first Presidential debate between President Obama and Governor Romney, a 2012 Neptune, New Jersey High School graduate, now a 19-year old Business major at the University of North Carolina, saw an opportunity to raise money for a charity when the Republican presidential candidate said he would cut funding for PBS and Big Bird.

Bauer and his business partner Taylor Robinette created a web site- featuring the iconic Sesame Street character on a series of 3 T-shirts, with proceeds of the shirts going to charity.  With close to 30,000 hits so far, the $20.00 shirts have brought in over $8,000.00 in sales.

One shirt, shows Big Bird out of work.  Another, shows the yellow bird with "2012" on the shirt.  The third shirt shows him above the words "hope," a theme used by the president's 2008 campaign.

Sesame Workshop, the company that owns the rights to Sesame Street and its' characters, released a statement to the political campaigns today stating, it does not endorse any candidate or political party, prompting the Obama campaign to pull an add they had ready to run.

Who knows, they just may be collectors items some day.  It will be interesting the see how many these young entrepreneurs make and to what charity the money will benefit from their efforts.