If your partner's snoring has you so frustrated that you're about ready to throw in the towel, a new bed might have the power to save your marriage, but it'll set you back a pretty penny.

This month's annual Consumer Electronics Show just wrapped up in Vegas and one of the new electronics on display was an anti-snoring bed.

The bed is made by Sleep Number and keeps track of your nightly sleep habits. The bed monitors your breathing rate, heart rate, and movement and then all this information is processed by an app, which helps you figure out exactly how and when you sleep best.

The bed also allows you to use a few simple voice-activated commands to gently raise the pillow of your snoring partner, so you don’t have to nudge or elbow them to flip over.

Of course, this smart bed isn’t cheap. But then again, you didn't expect it to be did you?A queen-size model starts at about $8,000, but if you're sick of sleeping on the couch and waking every morning tired and irritable because your partner snores like a freight train, it might be worth every cent.