Seems like we’re always hearing complaints from people about bad airline customer service, but there’s one little boy who would disagree.

Cole Holzer is 7 years old and from Casselton, ND and was really upset after a recent flight from Fargo to San Diego.  The reason Cole was upset is because he won’t go anywhere without the worn out Nike shirt that belonged to his dad who died two years ago in an accident.

In the rush to leave the plane, little Cole accidentally left the shirt behind and his family didn’t realize it until they’d already driven away from the airport.

A family friend named Kelly called Delta and explained the situation and the employee who took the call got right on the case calling the San Diego airport looking for the shirt, but the plane Cole was on had already left for Minneapolis.

Kelly then called Delta’s Lost and Found, and another employee named Vicki said she’d checked with the cleaning crew.

Meanwhile, Kelly used Facebook to see if anyone would meet the plane in Minneapolis to check if the shirt was on the plane and that request was seen by a Delta pilot who said he’d keep an eye out.

Vicki called Kelly to say that the cleaning crew did not find the shirt, but the search didn’t end there. Vicki called again later asking for the family’s names, flights and seats because a Delta ramp supervisor said he’d start looking for the shirt in the garbage. And then thirty minutes later, they called back with the news that the shirt had been found.

In a letter to the airline, Kelly wrote:

I want to thank all involved today for what they did for this little boy they had never met – as a friend stated, 'Delta allowed a daddy to still be there for his little boy'…even if he can't be with him on earth. You all went so far above and beyond and the statement I made to Vicki goes to all of you: YOU ARE MY FAVORITE PEOPLE I HAVE NEVER MET!"