Most people would run scared, but if you’re a brave soul planning to not only go to dinner on Valentine’s Day but if that dinner happens to also be a first date, God love you. To make sure your night goes extra flawless, here are seven types of food you’ll want to avoid on your date just to be on the safe side:

7. Messy Food
It’s hard to turn on the charm when your face is covered in BBQ sauce. No matter how careful you are, there are some foods that are guaranteed to make you look like an uncivilized eater. Offenders include BBQ ribs, spaghetti, nachos and soup with really long noodles. Oh, and you’ll also want to avoid finger foods all together.

6. Fast Food
A first date is not the time to take advantage of your two-for-one deal at the local dive-thru. Maybe you can’t afford a 5 star restaurant, but you can probably afford some place priced in the middle. It’s a no-brainer than hitting up the drive-thru is anything but a romantic dining experience.

5. Burritos/Beans
What goes in must come out. Unless you want to spend the night trying to explain why you keep running to the restroom, it’s probably a good idea to avoid beans and anything else that makes you gassy such as chili, Asian curries and other dairy-based food products.

4. TV Dinners
Inviting your new date over for a home cooked meal might be a good way to impress them with your cooking skills. Unless you plan on pulling out a frozen dinner from the freezer and serving it on your date. If you want to go this route any way, know that it’ll just make you look like a super cheapskate not worth their time.

3. Buffets
Let’s say you’re someone who can pack food away like nobody’s business. Good for you! But not when it comes to a dinner date. There’ll be lots of time to show off your eating skills once you get a little more acquainted with each other. Also keep in mind that there are a lot of restaurants that serve more food than any single person should put away. Be mindful of food portions to make sure you don’t come off as a glutton.

2. Spinach
What’s wrong with spinach? When you get back home at the end of the night to see that gross piece of green stuck to your front tooth you’ll know exactly why they didn’t seem to have a very good time and definitely didn’t lean in for a goodbye kiss. Spinach is the most notorious food for getting stuck in your teeth. Cilantro, pesto and other green food products are also dangerous.

1. Onions
If there’s one way to kill any chance of getting a kiss at the end of the night, it’s by eating onions. You’ll also want to avoid garlic at all costs. Actually, it might not be a bad idea to stick a piece of gum in your pocket to make sure that no matter what you had for dinner, your breath smells fresh and kissable at the end of the night.