Did you know that beer is useful for more than just drinking? From asleep aid to a natural pesticide, here are my favorite "other" uses for beer.

1. Wash your hair with beer. Want to make your hair shinier and have more volume? Skip the hair conditioner and break out the bottle of beer! Scientifically speaking, beer is good for your hair because it has protein that strengthens your hair. Not only that, but it has a low pH and is a mild astringent to help keep your hair clean. And no, you won't smell like a frat party.

2. Sleep aid. Beer can help you get a good night's sleep- and you don't even have to drink it. When you’re washing your sheets and pillowcases, pour some beer into the washer. Apparently there's something about the smell of beer that works as a sedative. I thought this was just a weird German family myth on my end, but apparently this is a common practice. Regardless, it works!

3. Slugicide. If your garden is under attack from slugs and snails, just pour beer into a shallow dish and leave it out overnight. For whatever reason, they are attracted to beer. Let's just say they won't be a problem come morning.

4. Revive your wooden furniture. This is a great way to use those half full, flat bottles of beer you always wind up having after a party. It turns out that flat beer does a great job of restoring the shine to wooden furniture. Wait till the beer is absolutely flat and use just enough to moisten a towel. After you wipe down your furniture, it'll return to its original fresh color.

5. Metal polisher. When your kitchenware, faucets or other metal around the house is looking a little dull, you can polish it with beer! The amber brew is mildly acidic, which helps remove tarnish. Just pour a little beer on a cleaning rag and polish away.