Well the Big Game has come and gone. Much like the commercials, it was mostly disappointing. Here are 5 interesting thing about the game.

5) Seattle is the first team to win the Big Game with a roster full of first timers since 1983. The Washington Redskins were the last team to do it. Every winner since then has had at least 1 player with Big Game experience.

4) The Seahawks tied the 71 Miami Dolphins as the youngest winner of the game. The average age was 26.4 years old.

3) The Broncos now have the 3 largest halftime deficits in Big Game history. They were down by 25 to Washington in 1988, 24 to San Francisco in 1990 and 22 this year. They didn't come back in any of them. They also have 3 of the five worst blowouts in Big Game history.

2) The Seattle safety 12 seconds into the game became the fastest score EVER at the start of the Big Game. In 2007, Chicago scored on the opening kickoff against the Indianapolis Colts. It took 14 seconds. Peyton was also in that game but obviously was not involved in that play.

1) The final score was 43-8.  That has never before been the final score of an NFL game.  Not just the Big Game but ANY game.

It was one of those games. An opera singer doing the National Anthem to Joe Namath wearing a fur coat and flipping the coin before he was supposed to. Next year it's in Arizona, where the weather will be warmer.