A few weeks ago, I told you that New York State was taking a good, hard look at the taxation of tampons.

As hard as it is to believe, tampons are taxed in several states, including New York because they're considered to be a 'luxury' item. Obviously, the passage of the law to allow the taxing of these and other feminine hygiene products was orchestrated by a bunch of guys who clearly don't understand that there is nothing luxurious about a woman's menstrual cycle.

Women in New York are incensed that they continue to be taxed on tampons, while things such as medicine, bandages and condoms are tax-free. To date, five women have taken a stand and filed a class action suit against New York state, arguing that a sales tax for sanitary products violates state law, which says medical items shouldn't be taxed.

According to the complaint, the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance "imposes a double standard when defining medical items for women and men."

New Jersey, Maryland, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Minnesota, have already done away with the “Tampon Tax.”  California is rumored to be the next state that will abolish the tax and hopefully, New York will follow suite.

If you'd like to make your voice heard, you can sign this petition, which calls for the states that continue to tax tampons and other feminine hygiene products to stop profiting from menstrual periods and to treat women and girls equally.

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