When I was a kid, my dad always carved the turkey at Thanksgiving.  Once I was married, I would usually carve the turkey but my wife would always say that she wanted to but would let me do it because of tradition.

I think this could become a real battle soon.

Imagine carving the turkey this year with a chainsaw?  Not a real chainsaw obviously, although some of the rednecks in my family would try it.  No, I'm talking about an electric knife that is a replica of a chainsaw but the chain is the knife part.

It's called the Mighty Carver and can be ordered and received in time for Thanksgiving this year.

Check out the video demo HERE

You'll have people lining up to carve the turkey.

I want one for 2 reasons.

  • It really would be cool to carve the turkey with a chainsaw
  • It would give my mother-in-law another reason to complain about something


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