Some of my very favorite memories of childhood involve road trips. There was the time my mom oiled us in the car and headed north, stopping only after we'd crossed the Canadian border and realized we couldn't read the road signs (because they were in French). And there was the other time when we drove all the way from New York to California for my aunt's wedding.

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More recently, my husband and I road tripped to Arkansas to attend my grandma's funeral, driving the entire 18 hour trip in one sitting and in early summer this year, my family decided to take a long weekend trip to the New Hampshire coast.

Traveling, exploring, and discovering by way of car has always been a favorite thing of mine and now that my son is getting older, I can't wait to pass my love of road tripping on to him. Unfortunately it doesn't look like that will happen as soon as I'd like for it to with us being in the middle of a pandemic and there being so many travel restrictions.

If you love the feel of the wind in your hair, of meeting new people, tasting new foods, and learning about how others live life then you have a road trippers heart. And, if you have a road trippers heart and are sad that you can't hit the open road, maybe consider the next best thing- getting paid to watch road trip type movies.

Empire Movies will pay someone $1,000 to watch some of the most iconic road trip movies of all time. From 'National Lampoon’s Vacation’, to ‘Dumb and Dumber’ to ‘Blues Brothers,' you'll watch selected movies, analyze them, and walk away with a grand for your time.

Interested in applying to be chosen to get lost in movies about road tripping? Grab the entry requirements and entry form here.

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