A popular WWE Wrestlemania event has been pulled from the WWE Network. WWE fans on social media began to notice that Wrestlemania 24 was no longer available to watch on the streaming platform.




The 2008 event from Orlando, Florida featured legendary matches including Floyd Mayweather Jr defeating the Big Show, The Undertaker defeating Edge, and Shawn Michaels defeating Ric Flair in his final match in the WWE. Why has Wrestlemania 24 been pulled from the platform? According to a report from PWInsider's Mike Johnson, the reason the event has been pulled is due to an issue with music.

This is not the first time music rights have been changed for WWE Network programming. Some wrestling fans may notice ECW's One Night Stand in 2005 featured a different song for Sandman's entrance. The original event featured Metallica's "Enter Sandman" while the WWE Network does not. It is truly a strange visual to watch as the crowd is singing along to a song that you as the listener are not hearing.


WWE's 2021 edition of the Royal Rumble is scheduled to air on Sunday, January 31st at 7 pm with the kickoff show scheduled to begin at 5 pm. You can watch this year's event plus past Wrestlemania events by signing up for the WWE Network here.


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