Many things have changed in 2020 for the worse but there have been some positives. Who would have thought at the beginning of the year, that you'd have a chance to meet and chat with your favorite country star at your place of residence?

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Before 2020, you MIGHT have a chance to meet them but you would have to stand in a line for a long time. You would greet them with a quick hello and picture, and whisked away as they move onto the next person.

It was a nice experience but what many of them are doing now is even better. This year, the country stars have been coming virtually to their fan's house or apartment. For example, Keith Urban was promoting his new album "THE SPEED OF NOW Part 1."

In September, he decided to have a contest and give his fans the chance to be part of the promotion. He wanted to give them the opportunity to be part of a Private Album release Party, a Q&A with Keith hosted by Evan Amber from Taste of Country Nights.

He would also give also the winner a digital download of THE SPEED OF NOW Part 1. 98.1 the Hawk and Universal Music Group Nashville is proud to announce our winner of this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

We want to say congratulations to Stacie Chandler from Athens Pa. Keith Urban will be coming to Stacie's living room for a virtual performance, he'll sing some songs from his new album and probably some of Stacie's favorites too.

When we gave her a call, she told us that it was her birthday and what an awesome birthday present this was. Since we forgot to sing her happy birthday, we hope Keith will bail us out and sing it to her for us.

Stacie, we are so happy for you and can't wait to hear what it was like having Keith Urban at your house, even if it was virtually. Congratulations again from 98.1 the Hawk and Universal Music Nashville.

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