No WiFi at a restaurant?! What are you going to do?!

Talk to strangers.

Yes. a new teahouse in Los Angeles is encouraging its patrons to talk to strangers. Hey Hey teahouse is challenging its patrons to try its "20/20" Challenge.

The owners created the challenge to get patrons to talk to each other over tea. If you simply say "hey," a play off the name of the establishment,  to a random person and have a conversation over tea, you receive a 20% discount.

Upon further research, the tea at this place range in the $7-$8 range, so the discount is much needed.

Talking to people isn't that terribly hard, especially when there is money and free stuff involved. But, Hey Hey took it to the next level by eliminating WiFi. I have seen people have meltdowns because WiFi was not offered at a restaurant.

I went into radio because I love talking to people. I talk to hundreds of people a day, and I am still learning to have a great conversation.

A casual conversation is something we have lost. It truly is a skill. Composing a tweet or text is simple, but keeping someone interested in conversation is truly an artform.

I love a good discount and free stuff, and I know my readers and listeners do to. So lets jump on the bandwagon and start conversing with people again.


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