My family visited New York City around Christmastime and while we were waiting for our bus to pick us up at Bryant Park, our little boy started to get restless and if you've ever been around a two-year-old, you know how epic (and embarrassing) their meltdowns can be.

John spotted a sign with cookies on it and kept screaming that he wanted one. People started to look our way, and I could already see tongues begin to wag, so I handed my husband a couple bucks and asked him to buy John a cookie. When he came back, Jay had no change. One single cookie, and a tiny one at that, had cost $3.

Three bucks for a cookie is insane right? Apparently not when it comes macarons (not to be confused with macaroons, which are a totally different cookie). Up until that moment, I had no clue how expensive macarons are, but apparently the answer is "outrageously." The $3 my husband spent on that little one was a bargain compared to the $9,703 that some people are paying for them.

When people think of macarons, they think of France because that’s where the cookie originates, but these multi-thousand dollar cookies aren’t from France- they’re made in Florida.

So why are these particular cookies sold out of Florida so overpriced? According to Luxury Travel Magazine, it's because customers are getting more than just macarons (made with white tea and gold flake which come in a special crystal box), but they’re also getting an overnight stay in a special suite at a resort in Florida and then are served an afternoon tea featuring macaroons.

Think that’s a bit on the expensive side? The same hotel offering the $9,703 macarons is also offering customers cocktails served in a crystal glass, which they get to keep- for $200 per drink.

$9,703. Sigh. And to think, these macarons won't even leave you with a goodnight kiss.

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