Haven't you heard the phrase 'Start Your Day with a Smile?' Or how about 'Breakfast is the Most Important Meal of the Day?'

All good phrases or things to live by. Not sure if this woman forgot about these two phrases, or if her day was just off to a bad start in general. As we share with you what happened, ask yourself if she over reacted? Or if you would've handled it differently.

A 20-year-old woman, woke up, left her house, went through the McDonald's Drive-Thru. Ordered her breakfast. Things sound pretty great up until this point, right? The woman notices that she was given ketchup, not the packets of jelly that she asked for.

Here is really where you can weigh in and ask yourself, did she over-react? Instead of saying, "Hey, I see that I got ketchup instead of jelly. Can I (please) get some jelly?" Nope, instead of doing that, this woman pointed her gun at the drive-thru window employees.

No word if she was able to get her jelly or not. What she will be facing is felony charges for brandishing a gun. Those fast food employees, they need a raise.

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