Shoshanna Hensley was having a typical day at work at the Exxon gas station where she works until a homeless man got in her line and handed over his food stamp card, asking Hensley if she could tell him the balance on the card.

Hensley said, "As far as I knew he was just another gentleman on the streets coming in." Hensley was wrong. Very wrong. It turned out that the homeless man was her long-lost biological father.

When she took his card, Hensley said that she immediately recognized the name– Brian Hensley Jr. Hensley asked him for his middle name as soon as he said "Eugene," her heart dropped. She told him, "You're my biological father. I've been searching for you for over 20 years."

The man was also amazed and got emotional. He told her that he always missed her and promised from this point forward that he'd "be there in every way, whatever it takes." Hensley says she plans to invite her dad to live with her.