Do you remember the first generation of Apple computers? I'm talking the computer where the keyboard was built in to the base of the monitor and you couldn't do anything without a floppy disc.

It was the computer that introduced us to the game Oregon Trail and one that taught us patience and sharing because there was only one computer for the whole school.

It's also the computer that a woman in Silicon Valley got rid of.

The computer belonged to the woman's late husband and she had no idea what it even was. So, she dropped it off at an electronic recycling shop and left without a trace. No tax receipt. No contact information.

This particular computer was one of only 200 of this type made and was sold to a collector for $200,000.

The store's policy includes giving 50% of all items sold back to the original owner, which means they owe this mystery woman $100,000 and she doesn't even know it.