I can't see one of these trucks without hearing their theme song that they used in their commercials. It was a parody of My Boyfriend's Back with the words “The Hess Trucks Back” I hope I didn't just get that song stuck in your head all day.

Hess has been releasing a new toy truck for Christmas for 55 years. And years ago, if you wanted to get one here in Binghamton, you used to just go to one of the many Hess stations and get one. That is unless of course they sold out.

There Used to be Hess stations in Binghamton over by Binghamton General Hospital, Upper Front Street, on the Vestal Parkway near Denny's, and another across from Target, and one on Main Street in Endicott. I'm sure there were more in the area, but they are the only ones I remember.

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My mother, God Rest her soul, would buy two Hess trucks for each of my nephews every year when they were young. She figured they could play with one and put the other one away untouched in its box in case it was worth money someday. As my nephew's got older, they only got one, and that was to be put away, not to play with.

Eventually all the Hess gas stations in Scranton were sold to other companies. My mother used to have me stop by one of the Binghamton area Hess stations and pick up six trucks that I would deliver to Carbondale on Thanksgiving. That way she always had them in time for Christmas.

There were a few times when one of my sisters would ask me to pick up additional Hess trucks for their friends to give to their kids. I remember one year when one of my sisters wanted me to grab one, it was just days before Christmas.

I was having a hard time finding one. I remember going to the Hess on Main Street in Endicott only to find out they were sold out. I then went to the one on the Vestal Parkway next to Arby's and they were sold out as well. I figured I would give it one more shot and stopped at the Hess Mart that used to be located next to the Spiedie and Rib Pit on the Vestal Parkway. That Hess had some, but only two or three were left.

As Hess continued to sell a lot of their gas stations to other fuel companies, they decided to start selling the trucks online. This year, in a tribute to the First Responders, Hess has created their first ever ambulance complete with flashing lights and sirens.

Click here for more information on the truck and how to order one.

[via: Hess]

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