Every summer thousands of people visit the Village of Whitney Point to enjoy the Broome County Fair.  But for many, the annual fair is all they know about the picturesque village off Interstate 81.

  • Whitney Point is named after developers Thomas and William Whitney who settled in the village around 1800.  Originally called "Whitney's Point, the apostrophe 's' was dropped in 1906 when the postal service ordered all zip codes to drop their apostrophes.
  • The village has survived a number of tragic moments in it's 225-year history including a fire that destroyed a major part of the village in 1897 when 54 buildings burnt to the ground.  It was a devastating flood in 1935 that brought President Roosevelt to the village and ordered the construction of a 1000 acre reservoir that you now see on Whitney Point Lake.
  • The Whitney Automobile was briefly manufactured in Whitney Point (1902-1903).
  • According to WhitneyPoint.org, one of Whitney Point's oldest homes was a stop on the "Underground Railroad". The house on Lower Collins Street is now home to an antique shop.
  • The Broome County Fair in Whitney Point celebrated it's 142nd year this summer.  The "almost" annual Crappie Derby has been a Whitney Point tradition since 1973.

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