If you lived in the Binghamton Area in 2009, you will probably never forget the tragedy that took place on Front Street on April 3rd.

The American Civic Association (A.C.A.) is a nonprofit organization located at 131 Front Street that helps refugees and immigrants become part of our community. On April 3rd, 2009, 13 people were shot dead inside the American Civic Association. The gunman then turned the gun on himself.

Those 13 souls will be remembered on the 10th anniversary this coming Wednesday. According to WBNG, the day will start with a press conference at the A.C.A. followed by a memorial walk from the facility to the A.C.A. Memorial Park at the corner of Front Street and Clinton Street. There will also be a candle lighting service at 6:30 p.m. at the American Civic Association.

Whenever I hear of mass shootings taking place in the United States, it always takes me back to that April 3rd morning. I remember I was at work when we received a call from a listener saying if there was heavy police activity on Front Street.

We sent someone down to see what was going on. As our reporter was calling the station with updates,  and I had to go on the air and inform our listeners of the tragedy of that day, as the facts of the case were being reported.

It was hard to believe that something like this could happen here in Binghamton. I remember seeing the story on national news for days to come.

I still say a prayer for the victims, their families, and friends, every time I drive past the Memorial Park on my way to work every morning.


[via WBNG]

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