On Monday night, I sat in on my second ever school board meeting, and boy am I glad that I'm only responsible for the wellbeing of one child and not thousands. I can't even imagine what our educators are going through right now.

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My son will be starting his formal education as a kindergarten student in the Montrose Area School District this fall and as his mama, I have so many questions about how things will play out when the school year eventually begins.

I feel like our educators are in a no-win situation. They're doing their best to not only protect our children but also themselves and their families and there is no one size fits all winning answer that will please parents across the board. I do not envy them or our school board for the difficult situation that has been placed on their shoulders and all that I can do is pray that they are given the wisdom to make the very best decisions in an ever-changing situation.

During the school board Zoom meeting, one parent raised a very interesting question. The question was along the lines of now that we know that we have the tools to educate our children online, would our kids be able to attend school online on snow days so that they wouldn't miss a day of school, the school would still receive funding, and, the school year wouldn't be drawn out longer.

The school board seemed to find this question interesting. Very interesting. We're curious about what you think, so take our anonymous poll and let us know!

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