You've done it- you've cleared your schedule, you requested and were approved for vacation time and you've booked a flight at an amazing price to a fantastic location where you're going to shut out the world and allow yourself some much deserved relaxation time.

You're so happy that this dream you've been saving up for for a couple years is actually becoming a reality that you can't wait to snap a photo of your airline tickets and share your excitement with all of your friends.

Wait! Don't do it.

There's definitely nothing wrong with sharing your excitement with the world about getting to take a trip you've been working toward, but don't take a photo of your boarding pass and then share it online.

Why? According to Business Insider, if you post a photo of your boarding pass or your passport, you could be opening yourself up to someone who will use that information to hurt you by hacking your personal information.

You probably never thought of this, but the QR code or barcode on your airline ticket actually holds a whole lot of your personal information and if someone has the right technology, they can access it and then wreak havoc on your life. Face it- nothing kills a happy vacation like someone stealing your money and identity!

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