While many Americans had to cancel vacation plans because the coronavirus global pandemic popped up, many who'd wished earlier in the year that they could fly somewhere this summer but weren't sure how they'd ever be able to afford it now can because airline tickets prices have dropped substantially.

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As America begins to open back up and airlines are starting to offer more flights, people are slowly emerging from their homes and are braving travel, we want to remind you that you should never, ever share a photo of your boarding pass.

There's definitely nothing wrong with sharing your excitement with the world about getting to take a trip you've been working toward and were able to get on the cheap, but the last thing you ever want to do is take a photo of your boarding pass and then share it online. Any form of online- email, social media, etc.

Why? According to Business Insider, if you post a photo of your boarding pass or your passport, you could be opening yourself up to someone malicious who would be more than happy to use the information on your boarding pass to hurt you by hacking into your personal information.

You probably even considered this but the QR code or barcode on your airline ticket actually holds a whole lot of your personal information and if someone has the right technology, they can use the QR code on your boarding pass and then wreak all sorts of havoc on your life.

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