The air is getting dryer, the temps are getting lower, and my collection of chapstick and lip balm is on the rise. I’m not afraid to admit I may be addicted to the stuff.

Every year for Christmas multiple people in my family gift me chapstick. Some years my mom even buys me the megapack from the big box stores. I always have a balm on me, I feel naked if I don’t.

I hate the feeling of dry lips. I’m not addicted to the taste or consistency of lip balm. I’m not really sure why I’m obsessed, so naturally I had to google why.

Apparently, some lips balms can actually cause more discomfort for your lips. So basically, the cycle of applying and reapplying can do some further damage. It’s a cycle you cannot escape!

Another problem is that the lips naturally produce moisture. Chapsticks and lip balms can create a false sense of moisture and a false barrier. This causes the lips to stop producing moisture, therefore causing you to use more and more chapsticks.

I did also find that there is a Chapstick Users Anonymous. I will be joining.


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