The St. Patrick's Day Parade is this Saturday, March 7th beginning at 1:30 p.m. It's the only parade that goes "backwards" and begins by NYSEG Stadium. Look for Traci and me in the Hawk Cruiser, you may notice something a little different about the vehicle.

The biggest question that I get every year is "Why is our St. Patrick's Day parade two weeks before St. Patrick's Day?" The answer at the end.

In honor of parade day, I have nearly famous Irishmen, see how many you know. The answers will be at the bottom.  Hint: All the names begin with O.

5) He invented the chocolate sandwich cookie.

4) He immortalized a Christmas song abut a tree that many think is Greman.

3) First Irish doctor to specialize in women's problems and deliver babies.

2) He's an Irishman who always speaks his mind.

1) He created a heavy winter garment you wear to cover all your other garments.

Answers 5) O'Reo 4) O'Tannenbaum 3) O'Beegeewyin 2) O'Pinion 1) O'Vercoat.

So why do we have the parade two weeks before St. Patrick's Day? I'm told it's because that's when we can get the Mummers in town.

Local businesses like it too because it gives them extra business for Saturday and again in two weeks. It's going to be sunny and 32, so it's not a bad day for a parade.

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