Another shortage. Are we really surprised? That would be a big fat NO. However, this shortage might mean the difference between a bearable and completely unbearable holiday season for millions of people.

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Remember at the start of the pandemic when people were scooping up alcohol faster than you could say "boo?" I remember seeing a guy at one beer store in Vestal with a pick-up and I kid you not, at least seven friends helping him load his truck. He was well stocked and prepared for the shutdown that would come a week or so later.

If you need a little liquid courage to get through the holidays, sure hope that you've got some of your pre-"this will only last two weeks" alcohol left because just in time for the 2021 holiday season when we'll have fewer excused to be anti-social comes an alcohol shortage.

Not just any alcohol shortage where you can only select from 300 bottles of wine rather than 500. No, this could end up being the real deal. The Port of Los Angeles and Port of Long Beach are the two biggest container ports in the entire United States where forty percent of all shipping containers land and both ports are massively backlogged.

Oh, and the backlog issue might only get worse than it already is because December 18 is the deadline for all companies that work alongside the federal government to have their employees vaccinated or be forced to lay off the employees who refuse to be vaccinated. If you think supply chain issues stink now, wait until that happens. And yes, you know it will.

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