I thought that I was noticing more women business owners in the Southern Tier. I wasn't really sure if it was true or if I just happened to be going to places that were owned by them. Places like Touch of Texas, Cup a Jo, and Lost Dog Cafe, turns out it wasn't just my imagination.

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There is a new report out that looks at female business owners throughout the United States and it's looking good for the Binghamton area. The research was done in 350 metro areas (including Binghamton) in all 50 states.

According to Self Financial, there are over 3,600 female business owners in our area, which accounts for nearly 45% of all the owners. The industries that they are mostly involved in include Professional, Scientific, Management, Administrative, and Waste Management Services.

As good as Binghamton is doing, another area near us is doing even better. Ithaca is at 53%, which comes in third for the best percentage of female owners in small metro areas.

Female business ownership throughout the country has been going up but women still own fewer businesses than men. So the good news is that the number continues to grow and it doesn't look like it'll slow down anytime soon.

Why are more women becoming owners? According to the study, the increased flexibility and the ability to control their schedules are important motivators in starting their own businesses. 

To see how other metro areas did in the US, go here.

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