I don't know if we'll actually find the time to get around to doing it or not, but my husband and I have dreams of getting our hands dirty and turning the back fenced in corner of our yard into a play area for our son.

John is just over a year old and loves being outside and there's nothing more we want than for him to have a safe outdoor play space. My husband bought me a lovely hammock with a stand and I have dreams of lounging in it, watching our son play in his sandbox with his dump truck, but none of that is going to happen unless we get this cleaned up. This photo doesn't do justice to the disastrous mess that it is, so you'll have to trust me.

Traci Taylor

We rent our house, and so taking care of the lawn isn't something we have to worry about- our landlord has a landscaper who does the work, but this is a bit outside of that realm and so we'll be doing the cleanup ourselves. I probably should have paid better attention over the years as to when yard waste is collected and what's accepted and what isn't, but I didn't.

Since I had to track down the rules, regulations and collection days for yard waste, I figured I'd share that information with you in case you're new to Binghamton, or you've been a renter who's never had to pay attention to such things before.

According to the City of Binghamton Sanitation Department, yard waste is picked up citywide every single Monday through the entire year unless noted as a 'No Monday Yard Waste Day,' which esentially means it won't be picked up on holidays that fall on a Monday. Double check the no pick up Monday list though.

If you'll be hauling yard waste out to the curb, it has to be in an open top container no bigger than 33 gallons or put inside compostable paper yard waste bags. The weight of the bags can't be more than 50 pounds and don't even think about putting out more than 8 containers or bags because they won't be collected if you do. Eight is the limit. I have no idea why, but that's what the rules state. You can see the rest of the rules about yard waste collection in Binghamton here.