As back to school season rolls in, so do college classes and while many schools are transitioning to an online format, many aren’t which means many college students have found themselves on campus with thousands of others and the possibility that quarantining may become necessary.

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I was chatting with a friend who told me her son was running late for move-in day at college and it ended up being a good thing because before he got to his dorm, his roommates had already moved in and were hanging out when one of them was notified he tested positive for coronavirus and all the guys had to go into quarantine, all except my friend’s son because he’d been running behind and hadn’t hung out with his roommates.

Every college student living on campus should consider packing a "Go Bag" just in case they’re asked to quarantine and need to do so quickly. Chances are anyone being forced into quarantine will have a million thoughts running through their head, so having a "Go Bag" handy will take off a lot of pressure and will ensure the student has all the things they need.

What to Pack in a College “Go Bag”

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