It’s been about two years since the Ice Bucket Challenge took over social media and created very real awareness and funds for ALS. Since then, there have been a few fundraising challenges, but none of them have really gone viral or have had the same impact as the Ice Bucket Challenge. Until now.

I became aware of the 22 Push-ups Challenge when my brother Brian did it and posted a video to his Facebook page and decided to find out what he was doing and why.
In an effort to raise money and awareness about the very real problem of veterans suffering from mental health issues, a veterans organization called 22Kill has created the 22 Push-ups Challenge.

The reason ’22’ is significant is because every day, 22 veterans take their own lives. To bring attention to this absolutely awful statistic, people are challenging each other to do 22 push-ups a day for 22 days and document it on social media.

It’s not just average people doing the challenge, either. Celebrities from Chris Pratt to Anna Farris and even Captain America, Chris Evans have brought their star power to the challenge and it’s really starting to take off.

So why not do some push-ups and share the video to social media, encouraging your friends to do the same? It will help bring attention to a worthy cause… and maybe even get you in shape in the process.

[via 22Kill]