We might be getting a new state flag because with all of the problems in New York  someone thought this was an important issue.

Andrew Cuomo believes it is time for New York's state flag to get a makeover. The flag has had the current design for 138 years.

There isn't a lot of details about what it would look like but Cuomo wants it to say "E Pluribus Unum" on it.

Why isn't the new design open to a debate? We can't vote on it? I know it's New York but the last I checked we were still in America.

If you could add anything to the New York state flag what would you add?

I'd throw a bagel on there and maybe a slice of pizza. Those are two strong New York symbols.

While we're at it we should put a picture of a man screaming out the window of his car while turning with no signal and a deer on the hood of his car on the new flag.

I'm taking other suggestions.

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