Ever wonder what shadowy figures or system is controlling everything on this crazy and sometimes confusing planet? Who's really running the show here, if anyone? This might be a job for Special Agent Fox Mulder. Conspiracy theories are nothing new, but they have gained even more ground than ever with the continued expansion of the internet. If you search just about anything conspiracy-related, no matter how ridiculous, chances are there is some deep, dark corner of the internet that will give credence to your claim.

Some of the more popular conspiracies over the years include the J.F.K assassination, UFOs, Sasquatch, H.A.A.R.P., and Area 51, In more recent times, newer theories have popped up such as the emergence of QAnon, Denver International Airport, and even an unlikely return of the Flat Earth Society. Do you believe in anything like this that may go against society's conventional values? And in an age full of bogus information, "fake news", and social media's scramble to remove certain articles and features, the thirst for alternative theories seems to have increased even more.

But what are your neighbors searching for on the internet when ic comes to this sort of stuff? USDIRECT recently put together a study, using the r/conspiracy subreddit and Google Trend to find what people are looking for state-to-state. According to this study, New Yorkers are searching for information on the New World Order. The info from USDIRECT describes the New World Order belief as a "complicated and multifaceted theory", and makes reference to a militaristic and totalitarian government waiting to gain control of the world. This could range from anything from the Illuminati to the United Nations. Ever heard the phrase; "big brother is watching"?

And while it may seem far-fetched, the study claims that many other states (including NJ, CT, and PA) have been searching for information on this malevolent one-world entity. For Massachusetts, it was New Coke? Yes, some believe the company intentionally changed the recipe, just for customers to want to flock back to the original. Other state conspiracies included; Chemtrails, Flat Earth, and even Lizard People (WTF, Washington and Montana?).

Some of the more bizarre ones include Ohioans' belief that the Moon landing was faked (ironically, 25 NASA astronauts were natives of Ohio), and the state of New Mexico, who still believes that Tupac Shakur is alive somewhere.

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